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Linux for Fabric Attached Memory Emulator

Linux for the Fabric Attached Memory Emulator provides kernel and userspace software that simulates a cluster of machines connected through a memory fabric allowing the user to explore software development ideas for this model of computing. This Software Delivery Repository provides pre-built versions of the additional pieces necessary to construct a Fabric Attached Memory Emulator using an existing Linux distribution. All of the sources for this software are maintained in the GitHub Fabric Attached Memory project, please refer to that for documentation and other details.

fameFabric Attached Memory Emulator configuration utility
l4fame-managerMeta-package describing the components to be installed on the Fabric Attached Memory manager machine.
l4fame-nodeMeta-package describing the components to be installed on each simulated Fabric Attached Memory node.
libfam-atomicApplication library providing low-level atomic memory operations on Fabric Attached Memory.
nvmlModified version of the NVML library exposing interfaces for managing persistent memory.
linux-l4fameLinux kernel with additions to connect a node to Fabric Attached Memory
tm-libfuseHelper library used on each l4fame node in the implementation of the Librarian File System.
tm-librarianGlobal file system used to manage Fabric Attached Memory.

Subscribe Debian unstable systems to the l4fame repository

Cut-n-paste the following section into /etc/apt/sources.list on your system:

deb testing main
deb-src testing main

List the packages in the repository

$ aptitude search "?origin(l4fame)"

Update the local apt indexes

# apt update

Search for a specific package

# apt search <packagename> # browse debs

Install a specific package

# apt install <packagename>