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Firmware Pack for ProLiant

The HPE Firmware Pack for ProLiant (FWPP) provides firmware for various ProLiant system boards, host adapters, nics and other complex logic devices.

Firmware fwpkg packages are flashed via the iLO management controller, specifically using the ilorest/redfish command:

    ilorest flashfwpkg file.fwpkg

Alternatively, rpm-packaged firmware (Gen10) is installed on the host and flashed via the "setup" command:


Gen11 is primarily comprised of fwpkg packages, while Gen10 provides both rpm and fwpkg options during the transition period to fwpkg.

  Browse Gen11

Browse Gen10

What's my gen?

Gen9 or older?

fwget repository (fwpkg/rpm)

Paste the following in ~/.fwget.conf and get fwget
   "token": "na",
   "url"  : ""

yum/zypper repository (rpms only)

Paste the following url in /etc/yum.repos.d/fwpp.repo (Red Hat) or /etc/zypp/repos.d/fwpp.repo(SUSE)
name=Firmware Pack for ProLiant

      Substitute fwpp-gen11 with fwpp-gen10 for Gen10 servers (Gen9 or older?)
      current is an accumuilation of all firmware from every Service Pack for ProLiant
      next is firmware scheduled to go into the next Service Pack for ProLiant
      2023.x.x is a specfic firmware baseline release

GPG Keys

Please install the latest GPG key to verify rpm contents from HPE

# yum
rpm --import