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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Feel free to send email if you find issues or have suggestions for enhancements on this offering.

  2. The repository does not contain <InsertTypeOfDownload> or something for my particular distribution, version, architecture combination. Why not ?
    There could be a multitude of reasons like:
    • well behaved, binary packages are not yet available
    • the source (or SRPMS) are not being published
    • either the testing has not been completed, or no interest has been shown in the platform to date

  3. I need to use a proxy to access the repository. How do I set that up ?
    Consult the manual pages of the tool you are using to access the repository (ie. apt-get, yum, zypper) to setup the correct proxy configuration. Of course, you are also welcome to mirror the repository to a local host.

  4. I have mirrored the repository to my local network. How do I use this from my system?
    You can still utilize the script, however, you will want to possibly use one or more of the "-m", "-w", or "-u" command line options to specify your mirror's setup.

  5. I noticed that some packages or indices are signed. How can I verify the signatures of the packages in the repository?
    For HP signed deliverables, you may follow these instructions to install and utilize HP public keys.

  6. I do not want to continually track the "current" released set, but am happy with a particular release of a given product. How do I configure that ?
    In the configuration that was delivered by the "" script, look for the "current" element of the path, and replace it with the version you prefer to remain at or rerun the "" script with the desired "-R" argument and value.

  7. For SLES10 software products, I can't get zypper to see the packages. How do I configure that ?
    On some platforms, it seems you need to still add this as a service for zypper or make YaST aware of the new repository as well. First try:
    • To add a service to zypper, try
      zypper sa --repo /etc/zypp/repos.d/HP*.repo
    • or perform the following steps within YaST:
      Installation Source
      Specify URL
      and enter the value of the baseurl from the respective file in

  8. For available RHEL4 software products, I don't have yum installed, only up2date, so the delivers no output. How do I configure up2date ?
    Fortunately, up2date can be manually configured to utilize yum repositories such as this one. Consult your documentation for up2date, and use the following information to guide you:
    • modify the file
    • add an entry for this respository of the form
      type channel-label url
    • where