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The HPE Software Delivery Repository hosts dnf, yum, zypper, and apt repositories for Linux-related software packages. Much of this content is also available from various locations at in iso or tgz format, but if you would prefer to use your Linux-native software configuration manager, you may subscribe your systems to some or all of these repositories for quick and easy access to the latest rpm/deb packages from HPE.

Project Repositories


Boothole / CVE-2020-10713 remediation is provided by the hexane package listed above. If, and only if, you have SecureBoot enabled on your HPE Server, you should update your systems' DBX database, using hexane, to blacklist effected bootloaders from HPE.

Warranty/support is no longer required for the Firmware Pack for ProLiant for gen10-based, and only gen-10-based firmware. (what's my gen?)