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Management Component Pack

The Linux Management Component Pack provides agent software for use on community-supported distributions. For RedHat and SUSE distributions, please use the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP). The MCP (unlike the SPP) does not provide drivers and firmware (firmware is provided via HPSUM, and drivers are provided by the distribution vendors). Please see the HPE server operating systems home page for more information, including support matrices for HPE ProLiant Servers.

hp-healthHPE System Health Application and Command line Utilities (Gen9 and earlier)
hponcfg HPE RILOE II/iLO online configuration utility
amsd HPE Agentless Management Service (Gen10 only)
hp-ams HPE Agentless Management Service (Gen9 and earlier)
hp-snmp-agents Insight Management SNMP Agents for HPE ProLiant Systems (Gen9 and earlier)
hpsmh HPE System Management Homepage (Gen9 and earlier)
hp-smh-templates HPE System Management Homepage Templates (Gen9 and earlier)
ssacli HPE Command Line Smart Storage Administration Utility
ssaducli HPE Command Line Smart Storage Administration Diagnostics
ssa HPE Array Smart Storage Administration Service

NOTICE: The health/snmp functionality was moved to the iLO card on HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers. The hp-health, hp-snmp-agents, hp-smh* and hp-ams debs are only to be installed on Gen9 servers and earlier. Gen10 users, please subscribe to "11.xx" or "current" repositories. Gen9 users, please use "10.xx" or earlier.


Subscribe RPM-based systems to the mcp repository

Cut-n-paste the following section (substituting ditribution, architecture and project version) into /etc/yum.repos.d/mcp.repo on your system:

name=Management Component Pack


   dist          centos, fedora, opensuse, oracle, asianux
   dist_ver      Browse repo to identify supported distribution versions
   arch          i386, x86_64
   project_ver   current, 11.21, 11.05, 10.62, 10.50, 10.40, 10.20, 10.00, 9.30, 9.25, 9.10 (Browse repo to identify supported project versions)

List the packages in the repository

# yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="short_repo_name" list available

Install a specific package

# yum install <packagename>

Subscribe Deb-based systems to the mcp repository

Cut-n-paste the following section (substituting ditribution, architecture and project version) into /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mcp.list on your system:

# HPE Management Component Pack
deb dist/project_ver non-free


   dist             bionic, xenial, trusty, precise, stretch, jessie, squeeze, wheezy
   project_ver      current, 11.21, 11.05, 10.60, 10.50, 10.40, 9.50, 9.40, 9.25, 9.10

Install the HPE public gpg key

Update the local apt indexes

# apt-get update

Search for a specific package

# apt-cache search <packagename> # browse debs

Install a specific package

# apt-get install <packagename>